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About Us

BlackOx is a gadgets and home machines mark set up with the vision of building cutting edge items for the expanding urban youth. 

The improvement of BlackOx's items was motivated by the human elements approach of New Product Development spearheaded by top advancement labs over the world. Every item by BlackOx's industrial facilities worldwide is worked from the most noteworthy A+ review material, RoHS-review materials and vitality proficient power arrangements. BlackOx works intimately with customerss to comprehend their amusement inclinations and substance decisions to create easy to use interfaces for their connection with the items. 

Our Commitment to Quality


With regards to Design at BlackOx we ensure that all measures and controls are clung to all through the procedure. With that in mind, wellbeing is a noteworthy concern at all times, go well beyond to guarantee our specialists are secured 100% of the time. We give broad defensive apparatus, and additionally strict machine rules.and take the action you want.


Our expert Materials Specification process is notable for its exclusive expectations. We make a point to check each component that leaves producing before it ever achieves a customer. We likewise don't hold back on essential strides, and strive to stay aware of the most recent innovations and headways. Inquiries concerning how we do it? Get in touch with us!


At BlackOx, quality concoction is second-nature. We've aced the schedules, and have built up our own particular in-house apparatuses to enable us to deal with the stream appropriately and proficiently. Our group is OK with the procedure, and this causes them work quick and unquestionably. On the off chance that you have any inquiries, please reach us today.

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All BlackOx Televisions are designed to operate for over 100,000 hours in normal circumstances and provide the best picture quality even in brightly-lit environments. BlackOx's Labs have pioneered in television technology with award-winning innovative products such as the bluetooth range, mobile tv, android TV - the Netflix-integrated TV, 4K TV and more.

The consumer experience of a BlackOx TV extends to world-class and personalized customer relations after purchase, for which BlackOx set up the Certified Customer Support center for televisions in the country. Therefore, the  brand has been constantly rated high on multiple consumer forums, and is the fastest growing TV brand in various segments.

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